Occupational injuries are an unavoidable part of any workplace. Calamities will occur no regard how many precautions are prepared to ensure a safe work place. Injuries can be caused by either the environment (a malfunctioning machine) or derelict employee. Either way, the results can be similar. Legal battles, lost revenue, big medical bills all financed by the business. But everything doesn't need to go badly. Every business should buy workers comp coverage. companies workers comp attorney Powder Springs GA companies offer a free quote so whether you have a large company or a start-up business it's a great idea to call one today. What are the benefits? First, an insurance company will pick up the bill for any employee injuries so you don't need to. It also compensates the employee for lost hours. Finally, and maybe of greatest importance to the interests of the owner, liability coverage. If the employee abnegate benefits and decides to sue the company, they won' be able to take the case to civil court. Considering all of this, every business needs to shop around for the best insurance for their employees and for themselves.