One of the positive parts of renting rather than diving into home ownership is that you don't need to spend hours every week on home improvement - whether it's a broken pipe, worn-out appliances or degrading grout, it's not something you have to deal with. But you miss out too, with no opportunities for home improvement. It's about time, money and what you really expect from your life.

New homeowners can be surprised to learn they have a lot less time on their hands than before they signed the dotted line on a mortgage. The reasons are all in regard to home maintenance:

Plumbing Problems Are Unavoidable

Toilets that won't flush and sinks that wont' drain are no good enough if you're leasing a place. Broken or breaking plumbing are one of the most disgusting, even for renters. But it can be much worse if you aren't renting. Sinks and faucets wear out over time, so they need updating. Then, lead piping might need to be changed over with other materials, and the pipes will be in need of further updates to make sure there's water flow. Far worse, though, is the fact that ignoring any of these plumbing problems can make for much bigger problems for the foundation and even your flooring.


Taking care of a roof is vital to good home maintenance, and repairing asphalttiles can be a very good idea home improvement task. Otherwise, expect water coming through the ceiling and ruining your possessions. But the issues could already be extensive by then.heated or cooled air might be going into the air if it isn't cared for adequately. To make a bad joke, roofing is definitely something to stay up on.

Heating and Cooling Systems

If your air conditioner gives out in your apartment, the fix is probably pretty easy: call the landlord. It's the same situation if the furnace doesn't function or if you see especially high gas or electricity bills. If you're the property owner, you could be facing big trouble. Fixing the problem could be as simple as replacing the air filter or thermostat, but it could be very expensive, like a circulator fan that has stopped working, or the gas burner could have busted and you find insufficient cold air intake that will require ductwork.

Interior Finishing Work

In the situation of leasing, it can feel like a luxury to paint the walls because that makes the place your own. When you own though, the home improvement projects of paint and flooring can soon seem to be annoying toil. Just clean often and stay on top of maintenance and you won't have to redo the work for quite awhile.

You Can't Forget Landscaping

It is possible to pay workers to do your landscaping, work on the sprinklers and make sure cracks in your driveway and sidewalks don't get out of hand, the only other choice if you own is to do it alone. It's too bad that these things require time but also a lot of money. If you rent, you don't have to even notice landscaping. There are perks to home improvement and landscaping, but one of the trade offs is spending a chunk of free time inthe aisles of Lowe's rather than spending time with your friends or even skipping town for a vacation. It's up to you - you get either polite conversations with your overly eager neighbors or excellent live music and dancing.

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